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How To Install Your Badger Dock

Badger Docks are made to be as user friendly as possible. Designed and constructed to accommodate the lake activity of your choice; whether fishing, swimming, boating, tanning or just taking in the view, our docks are made for the way you play.

Installation Suggestions:

To install your dock you will need these Tools:

  • (2) 1/2″ wrench
  • 5/8″ wrench
  • 1-1/8″ socket

Installation begins on the shore by pre-adjusting your dock’s height as close as possible to the final height needed when in place. Start your installation from the shore working your way out, one section at a time. First section has both shore legs and a wheel kit. It is the only section with the additional legs.

Adjustment of the shore legs is done by loosening a thumb nut within a ‘T’ slot. It is a slip-fit design, so do not loosen too far – the bolt will come out. If this happens, just slide the nut up until you can align it with the bolt, then start the bolt back into the nut.

When installing a section, allow time for the tires to fill with water before rolling the dock further into the lake. Set the next section into the dock clamps at the end of the first section. Continue outward, in this fashion, until you have all your sections in place. Once they are in position, site down the outside edge to see if the dock is in a straight line. If it’s not straight, shift the sections side to side until they are aligned. Once straight, insert safety bolts to secure the sections together.

Using a 1-1/8″ socket, make the final height adjustments from the top of the dock (Clockwise is down/Counter-clockwise is up).

Rule of Thumb’ if you plan to moor a boat/pontoon to your new dock:

  • For a boat, set the dock height at 16″ – 18″ above the water.
  • For a pontoon boat, set the dock height at 20″ – 24″ above the water.
When mooring your watercraft, consider the following:
  • Whenever possible, set the dock height and boat height at the same level, to make getting in and out of the boat/pontoon as easy as possible.
  • On larger lakes, consider the wave action, which will act upon the dock and the watercraft being moored. Do not set the dock so low that the normal wave action washes over the dock.
  • The shape of your boat and it’s dock-contact points need to be considered when setting the dock height. You do not want your boat damaged through being lifted above or forced under the dock.
  • On large lakes, we strongly recommend Boat Bumpers for mooring watercraft to your dock. In many cases, it is best to use a Boat Lift to protect your boat or pontoon from wave action damage.

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