Personal Water Craft (PWC) Lifts


PWC Lifts


As the popularity of personal watercrafts has increased, so has the need to store them safely. Badger PWC Lifts feature a compact footprint, are lightweight, and easy to use. They include a tie-down bracket for securing your watercraft.

New Double-Lift features a vertical design with double bunks that are big enough to accommodate 3-seater PWCs.

Badger Docks & Lifts offers three models of PWC Lift to choose from:

  • 900 lb. cantilever lift – 60” inner dimension
  • 1200 lb. vertical lift – 65” inner dimension
  • 2800 lb. double lift – 126” inner dimension


A typical location for your Personal Watercraft Lift is close to the shoreline
for easy access (usually separate from your beach and dock location).
No need for a canopy – PWCs are designed to get wet.