1. How much space should there be between the dock and the water’s surface?

Dock should sit 20″ – 28″ above the surface of the water, depending on how you use your dock. Usually you want your dock to be even with the height of the watercraft being moored.

2. How much water is needed to float my boat/pontoon?

Usually if you double the draft, you will not ground your vessel. Typical boat draft is 6″ – 8″; pontoon draft is 4″-8″ (depending on the setup).

3. Why does Badger use 25″ tires?

Larger footprints make the dock easier to roll in and out of the lake. Larger wheels hold more water weight, bracing the dock on windy days.

4. Where should I store my dock in the off season?

A sunny location close to the shoreline allows for the snow to melt off slowly as boating season arrives.

5. What lake depth should I install my dock at?

A 36″ depth is usually sufficient for your boating needs. Every lake has a unique structure. A good ‘rule of thumb’ is to follow your neighbors’ example. If surrounding docks extend out 30 feet, set yours approximately the same.

6. Where do I start installation/removal of my dock?

Installation: Start from the shore and work out.
Removal: Start from the lake and work towards shore.