Badger Canopies help keep your boat clean & protected. With cross-bracing every two feet and an additional center support for strength, this forms the backbone of the canopy.

A canopy cloth is available in 3 standard colors (tan, green, or blue). Special order colors* are available by request.

Burp panels all around allow wind to blow through. In addition, our canopies have blow-out holes at each end of the cloth. We feel it is better to allow a little rain exposure in order to reduce risk of lift and boat being tipped over by wind.

Note 'Blow-Out' Holes.

Note ‘Blow-Out’ Holes.

Canopy Framing

Canopy Framing

Canopy Sizes
6′ x 16′ 9′ x 24′
8′ x 18′ 10′ x 20′
8′ x 20′ 10′ x 22′
9′ x 20′ 10′ x 24′
9′ x 22′ 10′ x 26′


*Check your lake district regulations, as many are restricting color choice to earth tones only.

Installation: Canopies are typically installed after your lift is in the water. Frames are positioned on your lift after the balance point of the boat/pontoon is located. This assures coverage over the entire vessel for complete protection.

To install the cloth, pull it onto the frame and fit one corner, then pull the other corners tight. There are ties down the center of the cloth to secure it to the frame as you fit it on the frame. Once the tarp is positioned on the frame, string the rope through the canopy eyelets and around the bottom rail of the frame, tightening as you go.


  • To properly position the boat onto the lift, find the balance point where the weight of the boat is distributed across the four legs of your lift.
  • When covering the canopy frame with the cloth, rub the frame with soap to make the cloth slide more easily.
  • Never leave a canopied lift in the lake without a boat to weigh it down.
  • Always be aware of the changes in weather conditions and use precaution to help protect your investment.
canopy light

Note Canopy light


Cross bracing can be adjusted to accommodate your boat.


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