A ramp with a hinged connection to the first section of your dock allows the dock to span uneven shoreline, making land and dock meld together. The hinge point allows for a two-foot variation to create a user-friendly slope.
An 8′ x 8′ section added to your dock provides a roomy area for entertaining or lounging.
Table and Chairs: 
Enjoy the view of your lake relaxing on these comfortable dock swivel, rocking chairs.
dock bracket large-1-300x225
Connecting Bracket:
Aluminum mounting brackets allow for easy attachment of multiple sections and configurations.
Boat Bumpers:
The 36″ vertical design made of a pre-waxed surface, allows smooth movement of a moored boat/pontoon. The purpose of boat bumpers is to keep your watercraft in contact with the bumper, not the dock. Unlike standard rubber bumpers, our vertical design protects your boat throughout wave action. These are available in side or corner sets.
Bench Seats:
Relax on your dock with our all-aluminum bench. The cantilevered design reduces loss of dock space. The seats are sturdy and easily adaptable to almost any location on your dock. These are available in 4′ or 8′ lengths, with or without armrests and cup-holders.
Adult Swim Ladder:
These have sturdy construction and are designed to handle 300 lb. The legs are adjustable to allow for full contact with the lake bottom, providing a solid means for entering/exiting the water.
Lake Stairs:
Available in 3 or 4 step with optional handrail, our stairs make lake access easy.
wedge four-300x188
Wedge Four:
This 5′ or 4′ triangular section is used to round-off inner corners.
Wheel Kit:
Shore-end wheels attach directly to the rear of your dock for greater ease in installation and removal. Kits are adjustable to adapt to varying lake levels. The 22″ plastic wheels are designed to fill with water, creating a solid anchor for your dock. As an added bonus, plastic wheels do not go flat.
Leg Kit:
Legs are available in five lengths for adapting to virtually any lake depth.
 Kayak Holder:
Convenient kayak holders.